Here at M J B, we have been carrying out hardfacing operations on industrial process equipment for many years.

Primarily serving the aggregate, cement, waste recycling and construction industries, we are well versed in applying wear protection to equipment such as shredders, crushers, hammer mills, augers, grabs & buckets.

We have extensive experience running products from Welding Alloys, who are experts in wear protection and have been operating in the UK since their inception more than 50 years ago.

Our experience with Welding Alloys products is unsurpassed, particularly using Robadur K600-G gas-shielded flux cored wire and Hardface HC-O and TIC-O, self-shielded flux cored wires.

Our services are available both in the workshop and out in the field.

Our extensive knowledge of these products and application engineering allows us to achieve high deposition rates and the perfect balance of hardness, abrasion resistance and durability. Something we can back up with real-world data, trials and laboratory testing.

Wear Plate

Along with hardfacing of parts and equipment we can also provide wear resistant linings and plate. We have experience working and fabricating with Hardox, Manganese Steel and Welding Alloy’s Hardlite™.

We can fabricate wear plate to create chutes, hoppers, pipework, ducting and everything in-between.


We can carry out cladding operations with many different wires including Stainless, Nickel and Cobalt based, in all positions with all processes, manual and automated.

Recently we have ventured into flame spray applications using equipment from Castolin Eutectic which can be used to deposit machinable or very hard grindable weld metal onto shafts, augers, die tooling and many other types of equipment subject to impacts, abrasion or corrosion.