Cutting material is where it all begins in metal fabrication, but it isn’t always new stock you have to work with.

Whilst we can carry out off-site and on-site burning and plasma cutting, crafting any shape with straight or curved profiles, we also carry out Air Arc Gouging and Exothermic Lancing.

Burning or cutting is usually carried out with a mixture of Oxygen & Acetylene gas, however where this isn’t possible or permitted we can also use alternative fuel gases such as Propane or Propylene (Apache™/Powerjet™). We have used Propylene extensively in EfW sites where Acetylene is prohibited.

M J B Engineering also offers portable and off-site arc gouging capabilities, most commonly using Carbon Arc Air Gouging. Utilising a powerful welding plant and a compressed air supply, many kilograms of defective weld or cracked parent material can be removed per hour.

We utilise tried and tested equipment and consumables from the ArcAir brand, mainting high-quality and efficient metal removal.

Air arc gouging is ideal for chasing out cracks in most metals and for removing all types of weld metal.

We also carry out exothermic lancing of stuck pins, shafts and assemblies. Using an ArcAir Slice system, a stuck pin or shaft can easily be pierced all the way through, producing a hollow centre which causes the assembly to expand and then contract, allowing the assembly to be pressed or knocked out in the usual manner.

This is a highly efficient process which prevents damaging the bore of the piece of machinery or equipment, and requires only the replacement of the stuck pin.