About Us

M J B Engineering have a combined experience of over 40 years in the manufacturing and engineering industry, accumulating an in-depth knowledge of structural steel, mechanical engineering and heavy plant. We work with a range of business in a variety of sectors such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace and defence, waste management and aggregate production.

Our specialised skills and equipment allows us to offer faster and more efficient services than our competitors who are still utilising conventional methods of access and repair.

Being able to provide flexible working hours compliments our clients and prevents unnecessary business interruption as far as possible. M J B provides a logical and adaptive outlook to projects, which makes us ideal for companies in need of turnkey repairs and fabrication, on-going maintenance contracts and unique engineering projects.

Mark White

Mark undertook a traditional apprenticeship of four years learning farriery, blacksmithing and welding. Over the years, Mark has carried out numerous projects from traditional blacksmithing to heavy machinery repairs. Thinking outside the box and providing innovative solutions is a key skill Mark brings to the table.

Bradley White

Starting out in the marine insurance industry, Bradley soon realised his skills were better matched to a more hands on role and sought out a metalworking career.

He began working in a sheet metal production environment producing parts and assemblies for car transporters, and quickly progressed from general tacking & sawing duties to a full-time welder/fabricator. To widen his knowledge and skills and form a broader knowledge of welding processes Brad moved to an architectural and structural steel company. A few years later he then moved into Aerospace & Defence manufacturing mostly TIG welding alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Before engaging with M J B full-time, Bradley was employed by ESAB the welding & cutting experts, as a welding process technician carrying out welding trials, procedures and testing at their facility in Hertfordshire.